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Ntlea is

A Windows NT series Locale Emualtor Software Originated by LoveHina Advance. It is fast, small size, full open source as assembly code, with customize and no other dependency utility. Now it is in history. While 

Ntleas is

A fully rewrite using C source instead of original assembly source, named as the successor of its senior, inherited all input parameters as ntlea. with some new features below:

  • Support From WinXP-SP2 to Current Windows 10(including: XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10)
  • Support Random BaseAddress Application Hook, and Some special non-standard Window Message Handling Hook (while ntlea may crash there)
  • Support a lot of RMXP/RMVX applications, and more compatible under X64 system to run X86 applications
  • Support Hook TabCtrl Message-Handler, to fix garbled-strings special in windows 8 / 8.1

and will be more ... See Change Logs to find more informations on recent changes or news.

Thanks to everyone gave us help, and ntleas will also be open source as its senior ntlea, just after the application approaches more stable, see This Planning, hope you could support it and us :D


Donations are greatly appreciated. If you find Ntleas useful, or are otherwise just of the generous nature, and would like to make a donation to this project, Paypal is not accepted currently from PAYPAL warning :(.

I'll be continue to find another way ;)

Thanks to 

Chi Zhang, Hongyang Hui, sittipod wonjalond, Zeng XuSheng (with time order ;), we will continue our works on ntlea.



Currently, our main targets are : 

  1. Testing more games / applications for stability. Submit errors as issues, we'll do our best to dig in it and try fixing it. Please, don't just tell us a simple error description, we suggest you to follow How to Feedback.
  2. Original NtleaGUI was also no longer maintained, a new GUI should be required. Currently, popcade helped me built a simple util, thanks a lot :D.
  3. Find some methods Hooking for avoiding system Dependency. With Windows System Upgrade, Current method of Hooking on each function would have to be rechecked, that's dummy and trival things.
  4. Support native X64 application if possible,  maybe changed its dependency on mhook or still use X64 version manually( but MSVC is not support x64 inline assembly). And more, maybe considerate compiling through MSYS/MINGW/GCC.

The Author AVC also pointed out that hooking, which is currently main & simple method is not very good method to location emulate, he did have done another new method on sys driver. Is there any new method to lead location-emu??

AVC also told me that LE is using some more latest hook techniques than ntlea, but what's new? So the main reason I took a lil time to learn the techniques of Locale Emualtor were:

  1. Why Locale Emulator could do more accurate translation on many VCL like customized controls than ntlea(s).
  2. Why Locale Emulator could not be used inside spoon and something like portable softwares.

But the result was yet not very successful, cuz of partial source (many sources missing there), and I could only guess its methods & tricks, here will be my simple Notes.

If you have interesting helping or joining, send us a message or leave us a feedback! And if you want to help but don't know how to or have no time, tell your friends about new ntlea, he / she may be just in trouble and needs it.

More About Ntleas

Ntleas was begin at 2013.11, with translation to C and bug fixed in 2 months. The First Public Beta Release was at 2014.1.30, the last day of Chinese-Year ; )

Background & Motivations

There already were Applocale, Location Emulator and Location Switch!, why Ntlea still should be rewrite, see this inspiration. Ntleas is and will be just another choice among all Locale Emulators.



Ntleas Context Menu


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